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Home Authors P-T (By Surname) Ian Doescher – The Phantom of Menace | Review

Ian Doescher – The Phantom of Menace | Review

Title: The Phantom of Menace

Author: Ian Doescher

Category: Fiction

Page Count: 178

Rating: 4/5

Ian Doescher has basically made his name from writing Shakespearean interpretations of the Star Wars books, and now that I’ve read the original trilogy, it’s time for the prequels before I move on to the new movies (which I don’t even know if I’ve seen) and then mean Girls and Back to the Future.

There’s lots of cool stuff here, and I like the way that Jar Jar is a fool when he’s talking to other characters but well-spoken and intelligent when he talks to the audience in his asides. It’s a bit like the way that R2D2 beeps and whistles to other characters and can only talk to the audience or how Yoda speaks in haiku.

Overall then, this book was a lot of fun and a breeze to read through. It’s definitely better than the movie, and in many ways the Shakespearean take on it actually allowed Doescher to fix some of the problems.

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