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Home Authors U-Z (By Surname) Alice Walker – The Color Purple | Review

Alice Walker – The Color Purple | Review

Title: The Color Purple

Author: Alice Walker

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 250

Rating: 9/10


Alice Walker - The Color Purple

Alice Walker – The Color Purple


I’m surprised that it took me so long to read this book, but I’m glad that I eventually did. It takes on race and equality and is considered to be a ‘feminist‘ book; now, I don’t know about that, but it is an interesting take on identity and a great example of a book in which the character growth tells the story.

Taking the form of a series of letters – mostly between the protagonist and god – allows the author to chart a lifetime, and to show a series of incidents in a woman’s life in which she discovers (and eventually asserts) herself. It also means that it’s a pretty quick read, and a lot of fun to flick through, and it’s given an extra sense of authenticity by the spelling and grammar, which is written in a sort of patois which helps to accentuate the characters by reflecting the way that they talk.

Overall, I was a big fan of this, because I always enjoy books that make you think. This certainly does make you think, and even though it might feel like it’s no longer relevant, it really is. Some books help to change a mindset, and they shouldn’t be forgotten; this is one of them, and it belongs on everybody’s bookcase. It’s the sort of thing that’s probably taught in schools, and it should be. Read it!


Alice Walker

Alice Walker


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