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Home Authors F-J (By Surname) Allen Ginsberg – Planet News | Review

Allen Ginsberg – Planet News | Review

Title: Planet News

Author: Allen Ginsberg

Category: Poetry

Page Count: 144

Rating: 3.5/5

Perhaps I’m just getting old, but unfortunately Ginsberg just doesn’t really seem to do it for me anymore. I do think he has a bunch of great poems, but I also think that he has quite a lot of filler, and this collection felt like it had more filler than genius.

Still, I did think it was worth reading, and it’s perhaps notable because it contains the poem Television was a Baby Crawling Toward That Deathchamber, which I’ve seen referenced in a bunch of different places and which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Ginsberg himself doing a reading of.

Would I recommend it? I mean, only if you’re an Allen Ginsberg fan and you’ve already read Howl and most of Ginsberg’s other stuff. It was ai’ght.

Learn more about Planet News.


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