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Home Authors K-O (By Surname) Catherine Kaputa – Women Who Brand | Review

Catherine Kaputa – Women Who Brand | Review

Title: Women Who Brand

Author: Catherine Kaputa

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 188

Rating: 7/10


Catherine Kaputa - Women Who Brand

Catherine Kaputa – Women Who Brand


First thing’s first – if you’re a male like myself then don’t let the title put you off. Sure, Kaputa focuses on females, but most of the concepts of personal branding are applicable to both sexes, and while it’s a little different to only hear of examples involving women, most similar books on the market always use men as examples, and I think it’s a fine thing for Kaputa to redress the balance.

In fact, if anything then guys have a duty to the women to understand the natural biases that our species is prone to – it’s certainly true that women face more of a struggle, just because they’re forced to fight the status quo, but that doesn’t mean that they should give up. Kaputa’s book is all about giving ambitious women the tools that they’ll need to be successful, without sacrificing their family lives, their health or their principles, and she succeeds admirably. Then again, you’d expect nothing less from a woman with a strong personal brand.


Catherine Kaputa

Catherine Kaputa


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