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Home Authors A-E (By Surname) Charles Bukowski – South of No North | Review

Charles Bukowski – South of No North | Review

Title: South of No North

Author: Charles Bukowski

Type: Fiction/Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 189

Rating: 6/10


Charles Bukowski - South of No North

Charles Bukowski – South of No North


South of No North is one of Bukowski’s legendary short story collections, and it actually contains a few of the more unique stories, the ones that aren’t about the autobiographical character of Hank Chinaski. In particular, after reading about Bukowski’s problems with acne as a youth in Ham On Rye, it was interesting to discover his problems with hemorrhoids in All the Assholes in the World Plus Mine.

Interestingly, many of Bukowski’s works have lent their title to albums and songs by bands across the world, but South of No North evolved in a different direction – it became a play of the same name, which received a reasonable level of acclaim. What I wouldn’t give to go and see that.

Overall, I wouldn’t call this one of Bukowski’s best works, but it certainly has its moments – all of his work is worth reading, and this is no exception. Add it to your wishlist, but consider Ham On Rye or a collection of his poetry as well.


Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski


Click here to buy South of No North.


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