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Home Authors A-E (By Surname) Deborah Bee – The Last Thing I Remember | Review

Deborah Bee – The Last Thing I Remember | Review

Title: The Last Thing I Remember

Author: Deborah Bee

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 298

Rating: 9/10


Deborah Bee - The Last Thing I Remember

Deborah Bee – The Last Thing I Remember


Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

There’s a funny story behind how I ended up owning this book – I was asked to review it by a PR person, and because I’ve been so impressed by all of the books by its publisher, twenty7 publishing, I decided to take it without even checking to see what it was about. I’m glad that I did.

Basically, a young woman is in a coma, and whilst she is conscious of what’s happening around her, she’s unable to move or to communicate with the outside world. The story is told from two points of view – from Sarah, the young woman who’s in the coma, and Kelly, a young girl that she befriended. At first, I found it hard to relate to Kelly, but she does play an important role in proceedings. There’s also a few twists along the way, which I don’t want to tell you about because you ought to read.

One of the interesting things here is how well-written the scenes with Sarah were, when she was in her coma and unable to communicate. She communicates with you, as the reader, which leads to a sense of dramatic irony – her friends and family don’t know that she can hear them, but we do. It leads to some interesting situations.

Overall, then, this is the sort of book that makes you think, and which takes you on a wild ride like a rollercoaster. It’s a lot of fun, and worth re-reading if you’re that sort of person. I don’t re-read – too many books to read!


Deborah Bee

Deborah Bee


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