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Home Authors F-J (By Surname) Frank Herbert – God Emperor of Dune | Review

Frank Herbert – God Emperor of Dune | Review

Title: God Emperor of Dune

Author: Frank Herbert

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 460

Rating: 4/5

Okay, so I admit it: by this point, I’m pretty hooked on the Dune series. I feel like it’s getting better and better as it goes on, even though by this point, the original cast of characters are all dead. Or are they? Well, that’s an interesting question.

Duncan Idaho is here for example, or at least a version of Duncan Idaho, although he’s essentially the fifteenth clone of the original. Paul, Jessica and Leto are all there too, albeit in the form of part of Leto II, who’s turning into a sandworm.

If that sounds batshit crazy, that’s because it is. This book is like a spice dream, a sci-fi space opera that’s been blended with an acid trip. The result is a fascinating read that builds on what came earlier while simultaneously playing with genre and tackling an epic timescale that wouldn’t have been possible without the preceding books.

Of course, that also makes it pretty difficult to write about without sharing spoilers, but then that’s true with most books that are part of a series. This is unusual in that it’s a series where most people only ever talk about the first book and yet it seems to me as though it just keeps on getting better and better. If anything, the first book was a let-down because there was a huge chunk of it where they were just in the desert and nothing much was happening.

I also liked the idea of Leto’s missing diaries and the way that quotes from them were used to introduce the different sections. It added an extra sense of realism that was a nice little addition to the book in general. Of course, when you’re dealing with melange and human/sandworm hybrids, the only thing that you can expect is the unexpected, and realism kind of goes out of the window anyway.

All in all then, it was a pleasure to get back to reading Dune, and I’m looking forward to the next one in the series, even though I haven’t figured out what it is yet. In fact, I’m enjoying Dune so much that I’m not even worried about continuing after I reach the point where Frank Herbert died and his son took over, even though I’ve been warned that it isn’t particularly good.

They’re also the reason that I’ve been focusing on the series and working my way through it, because I have a couple of the Brian Herbert books on my TBR shelf and I’m trying to cut down on my owned but unread books. That means I need to read my way up.

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