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Home Authors F-J (By Surname) Ian Fleming – Goldfinger | Review

Ian Fleming – Goldfinger | Review

Title: Goldfinger

Author: Ian Fleming

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 224

Rating: 7/10


Ian Fleming - Goldfinger

Ian Fleming – Goldfinger


I’ve read quite a few of the different Bond novels now, and I’m sorry to say that Goldfinger was probably my least favourite so far. It’s not that it’s a bad book – it’s well-written, and just what you’d expect from a Bond novel, but it does drag on whilst you’re reading it.

For example, about a fifth of the book is dedicated to a golf match between Bond and Goldfinger, and I found it difficult to understand what was happening, and difficult to care as well. It also felt as though too much of the book was dedicated to setting the scene, and the end came as anticlimactic.

Still, Fleming is a decent enough writer, and if you’re able to look past the casual racism that his writing contains, which is pretty standard for a writer from his era, then you’ll probably enjoy it, if this is your sort of thing. For me, I gave the book a 7/10, which means that it’s of a professional quality – that says it all for me. It’s good, but it’s not great.

Still, if Goldfinger is your favourite of Bond’s adversaries then this is the perfect book to start with. Likewise, if it’s your favourite film! But the books are better.


Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming


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