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Home Authors P-T (By Surname) Jim Sterne – Social Media Metrics | Review

Jim Sterne – Social Media Metrics | Review

Title: Social Media Metrics

Author: Jim Sterne

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 242

Rating: 7/10


Jim Sterne - Social Media Metrics

Jim Sterne – Social Media Metrics


Jim Sterne’s book is published by Wiley and is a part of The New Rules of Social Media series, and so you know it’s going to be pretty good. It basically does what it says on the tin – it teaches you all that you need to know about metrics, which are effectively the numbers that you keep an eye on to make sure that your marketing campaigns are performing as they should be. All good marketers have one eye on their metrics – you need to make sure that you’re affecting them in a good way.

Still, metrics is a relatively dull subject – it’s hard to get too passionate about them, and even though Sterne himself does a good job of it, it’s pretty hard to feel the same way as a reader. Sure, you’ll learn a lot, and it’s all stuff that you really ought to know, but that doesn’t necessarily make it interesting. It’s one of those things that you ought to read if you work in social media marketing – it’s kind of like homework. In that way, it’s unusual – most of the other books in this series are a genuine pleasure. This one requires the reader to persevere, but it’s worth doing. On that basis, I’d recommend it to you if you work in social media or digital marketing.


Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne


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