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Home Authors K-O (By Surname) John Lennon – Skywriting by Word of Mouth | Review

John Lennon – Skywriting by Word of Mouth | Review

Title: Skywriting by Word of Mouth

Author: John Lennon

Type: Fiction/Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 206

Rating: 8/10


John Lennon - Skywriting by Word of Mouth

John Lennon – Skywriting by Word of Mouth


John Lennon was by no means a great writer, but he was a master wordsmith, and in his two published books we get to see a more playful side to his personality, along with some serious insights into the way in which he viewed his own life.

Skywriting by Word of Mouth is arguably his most serious work, with passages about his relationship with Yoko and the autobiographicalTwo Virgins‘, which garnished its fair share of notoriety elsewhere. You’ll also get to see some of John’s drawings, which are crude but entertaining, as well as the sinister, scathing side of Lennon that perhaps he would’ve preferred for you not to see.

He always intended for this book to be published, but it was stolen shortly after Lennon’s death and not recovered and published until 1986, six years after his passing. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure he would’ve wanted you to read it. Don’t let John Lennon down, and don’t let me down – get a copy, now. It’s basically a piece of history, but in print form – history you can touch.


John Lennon

John Lennon


Click here to buy Skywriting by Word of Mouth.


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