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Home Authors U-Z (By Surname) Maddie Holliday Von Stark – The Widow’s Game | Review

Maddie Holliday Von Stark – The Widow’s Game | Review

Title: The Widow’s Game

Author: Maddie Holliday Von Stark

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 214

Rating: 8/10


Maddie Holliday Von Stark - The Widow's Game

Maddie Holliday Von Stark – The Widow’s Game


Massive Disclaimer: Maddie Von Stark is the director of Booktrope’s Forsaken imprint, which also published my debut novella, No Rest for the Wicked. I also edited this book.

Pretty big disclaimer there, no idea if Amazon or Goodreads will let me post this but hey – they can’t control what I post on my own site! The story here basically follows ex-FBI agent Maddie Von Stark, as she rebuilds her life after a near fatal brain tumour. Bits of this are based on real-life, and bits of it presumably aren’t – I found it hard to tell, and I know her. Perhaps that’s the point!

I tried to keep my edits pretty light, because Maddie has a style of her own that I didn’t want to cripple – it was a bit like editing a Jack Kerouac novel, in that you just sort of have to let it breathe. The layout team did a great job on this as well – it looks awesome inside, although I’ve only flicked through it. Can’t bring myself to read the print version because if I spot a typo, it’s my fault.


Maddie Holliday Von Stark

Maddie Holliday Von Stark


Click here to buy The Widow’s Game.


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