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The Official DSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills | Review

Title: The Official DSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills

Author: –

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 386

Rating: 7/10


The Official DSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills

The Official DSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills


Well, I still haven’t learned to drive, but that probably tells you more about me than about the book. It seems to me that unless you learn to drive early in life, you never have the time to do it later on – nevertheless, a man can dream, and if you dream of learning to drive a car then this is as good a place as any to start.

Sure, you can sign up for driving lessons and get cracking, but by reading the DSA’s guide to driving you’ll get a leg up on the competition – I’d imagine that you’d save both time and money by reading this before you get started, because it teaches you a good grasp of the basic rules of the road and provides a basic outline for the lessons that you’ll eventually take.

And it’s not just for aspiring drivers, too – it’s worth a read even if you’ve been on the road for years. No-one ever knows it all, and it’s a good idea to refresh yourself on a regular basis to make sure that you’re keeping up with the ever-changing best-practices for the British roads.


DSA: The Driving Standards Agency

DSA: The Driving Standards Agency


You will want to make sure that you pick up an up-to-date copy of the DSA’s guide, though – they include heaps of useful information including the latest rules and regulations and the contact details of test centres across the country, but that information is useless if your copy is more than three or four years old. They even include additional information for disabled drivers including a list of disabled-friendly instructors and test centres, and there’s also additional information for people who are hoping to drive a taxi.

While this book can’t make up for a series of lessons from a professional tutor, they can prepare you for life in the driving seat and effectively save you money in the long run. In fact, it can even be of use to driving instructors – let’s face it, there’s so much that you need to know that even the best of the best will occasionally need to consult a reference book to check their facts. Well worth it!


Richard Hammond Quote

Richard Hammond Quote


Click here to buy The Official DSA Guide to Driving: The Essential Skills.


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