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Imran Siddiq – Disconnect | Review

Title: Disconnect

Author: Imran Siddiq

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 270

Rating: 8/10


Imran Siddiq - Disconnect

Imran Siddiq – Disconnect


It’s very rare that a book moves me to tears – the ending of The Amber Spyglass, the last book in Philip Pullman‘s His Dark Materials trilogy, is the only thing that’s ever managed it. Disconnect didn’t do it, but it came close – besides, this is just the first book in the Divided Worlds trilogy, and Imran still has plenty of time to get the tears flowing.

I should disclose here that I know Imran through Twitter and his blog – I appeared in his ‘I’m a Writervideo, although I’ve never met him in person. I suppose I’m almost an investor – I pledged in his kickstarter campaign for his next book, although it didn’t meet its goal.


Imran Siddiq

Imran Siddiq


That doesn’t mean I’m going easy on him, though – far from it, I would have happily picked his book apart if I thought it needed it. In fact, I’m going to need to for another friend’s book at a later date, ’cause it was terrible. Imran’s work is genuinely enthralling, despite the occasional minor mistake – I counted three throughout.

It’s actually a remarkably well-produced book, from the cover art to the thought and work that’s gone in to it – certainly the best independent book I’ve ever read. If you didn’t know otherwise, you’d think it was printed by Penguin.

Damn, I’ve ran out of words to talk about the plot. Let’s just say that you’ll fall in love with the characters and that you’ll suspend your disbelief. So go and grab it – it’s free on the Kindle.


Imran gets some press coverage...

Imran gets some press coverage…


Click here to buy Disconnect.


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