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John Arnold and Michael Becker – Mobile Marketing for Dummies | Review

Title: Mobile Marketing for Dummies

Author: John Arnold and Michael Becker

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 362

Rating: 4/10


John Arnold and Michael Becker - Mobile Marketing for Dummies

John Arnold and Michael Becker – Mobile Marketing for Dummies


Oh boy, I’ve been looking forward to this one. I was expecting good things, and to a certain extent it delivered – the knowledge contained within was useful and it taught me a thing or two. I just couldn’t get past the mistakes.

The book is riddled with them – seriously, I started texting them to Laura about half-way through. Here are the best of the best, though there are more – lots more.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


  • “World of mouth.”
  • “Marking” instead of “Marketing”
  • “…work with you application providers to ensure…”
  • “turest” instead of “surest”
  • “…subscriber are allowed to…”
  • “During the 2008 season of American Idol season, the show’s…”
  • “…they only read e-mails on a mobile devices.”
  • “…your customer might be trying to find directions to your store while she is her car.”
  • “Although it takes more effort to build out your site, but it also provides…”
  • “…site content that rarely, if ever needs to be changed.”
  • “You need to use an mobile application…”
  • “Prior to running your campaigns(s)…”
  • “Google Analytics allows users get rich Web site information…”


Dummies Man...

Dummies Man…


They also said that ‘iPhone‘ is an operating system (rather than iOS), and that reality TV shows popularised SMS messages when they started allowing people to vote with a text. I find that debatable – everyone that I knew used text messages before reality TV shows took over the airwaves.

Another big mistake occurred right at the end, when the authors said that “if you set the CPM (cost per thousand) bid rate for your ad at $1, your ad will be displayed 50 times a day ($1 x 50 = $50.”  Well no, that’s incorrect – it’ll be shown 50,000 times. Slightly different.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some good ideas in the book and I can see how it would be of use to a newbie, but a large part of their advice is to work with an agency anyway. The campaigns they suggest cost a lot of budget, making an agency the easiest and most cost-efficient option. Why, then, would anyone need to read the book?

I wish I hadn’t.


Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing


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