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Home Authors K-O (By Surname) Philip Lymbery – Farmageddon in Pictures | Review

Philip Lymbery – Farmageddon in Pictures | Review

Title: Farmageddon in Pictures

Author: Philip Lymbery

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 192

Rating: 4*/5


Philip Lymbery - Farmageddon in Pictures

Philip Lymbery – Farmageddon in Pictures


Farmageddon in Pictures is effectively a spin-off version of Lymbery’s earlier Farmageddon, which I’ve already reviewed elsewhere on the site. I’ve been reading books about factory farming for a new novel that I’m working on, and this one has been invaluable for research because it includes images and infographics that help to put factory farming into perspective.

Interestingly, this version of Farmageddon is much easier to read if you just want a general overview, and the images and easy-to-read layout make sure that you whizz through it. It’s basically a redacted version of the main book, and so if you’ve already read that then you won’t find anything new here, but it’s an important subject and so it’s a good idea to read it twice.

Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone, whether you eat meat or whether you don’t. Be warned, though – it will change your perspective on how food is created and how it makes its way into your mouth. Definitely has a place on everyone’s bookshelves.


Philip Lymbery

Philip Lymbery


Click here to buy Farmageddon in Pictures.


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