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Home Authors A-E (By Surname) Roald Dahl – James and the Giant Peach | Review

Roald Dahl – James and the Giant Peach | Review

Title: James and the Giant Peach

Author: Roald Dahl

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 156

Rating: 7/10


Roald Dahl - James and the Giant Peach

Roald Dahl – James and the Giant Peach


James and the Giant Peach is good but not great, and that’s almost an insult for a Roald Dahl book – it’s a pleasant enough bedtime read, but it’s boring and inoffensive, and not as challenging as some of his other masterpieces.

In fact, this is probably the only one of Dahl’s major works that I enjoyed more as a movie than as a book. It’s still worth reading, but not until you’ve exhausted the rest of his canon, and perhaps not at all if you’re an adult who’s never read it before.

Instead, adults without children should consider reading Boy, Dahl’s reminiscences of his school-life, or stick to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and George’s Marvellous Medicine. Sorry James, it’s nothing against you, your weird insect friends or your giant peach.


Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl


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