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Home Authors A-E (By Surname) Scott Edelman – Texas Rattlesnake | Review

Scott Edelman – Texas Rattlesnake | Review

Title: Texas Rattlesnake

Author: Scott Edelman

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 183

Rating: 8/10


Scott Edelman - Texas Rattlesnake

Scott Edelman – Texas Rattlesnake


Looks can really be deceiving – I picked up this book, which claims to tell “the unfiltered, completely unauthorised story of Steve Austin”, on a whim after seeing it in a charity shop. It looks like it’s aimed at kids, and like it isn’t going to be good – in fact, Laura thought I was crazy when she saw that I was buying it.

But it turns out that this is actually a fascinating insight in to the man who rose to the very top of the WWF, and even though I haven’t been seriously into wrestling since I was in secondary school, I still really enjoyed it. In fact, I’d bet that even if you’re not interested in wrestling, you’d still have fun with the book.

The author’s research was thorough and you can tell that he’s passionate about the subject matter, and that he understands it all easily too. You should read it if you’re a wrestling fan. Why? ’cause Stone Cold said so.


Scott Edelman

Scott Edelman


Click here to buy Texas Rattlesnake.


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