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Home Authors F-J (By Surname) Seth Godin – Survival is Not Enough | Review

Seth Godin – Survival is Not Enough | Review

Title: Survival is Not Enough

Author: Seth Godin

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 265

Rating: 7/10


Seth Godin - Survival is Not Enough

Seth Godin – Survival is Not Enough


The idea behind this book is pretty simple, and the title summarises it perfectly in just four words. Shift happens, and survival is not enough any more – just look at Blockbuster Video, which failed to deal with the threat that Netflix posed with its brand new business model and eventually went bust as a result of it.

The best way for you stay ahead of the curve is to constantly innovate, to thrive during times of change by embracing the shift and, wherever possible, causing the shift to happen in the first place. This book, then, aims to teach you how to embrace change and to prepare you for a future in which change is the only constant.

What’s great about Survival is Not Enoguh, and indeed about Godin’s work in general, is that you’re not given a strict set of steps to follow and then left to get on with it. Instead, Godin simply tries to teach you a better way of thinking – that’s all you need, because once you’re thinking in the right way, you’re on your way to greatness – besides, there’s simply no one answer which can apply to every business in every industry.

This book might not be as groundbreaking as Permission Marketing or as sublime as Purple Cow, but it’s still a fantastic read with some trustworthy advice that you can take away and apply straight away. So why not go and give it a read, then?


Seth Godin

Seth Godin


Click here to buy Survival is Not Enough.


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