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Home Authors F-J (By Surname) Seth Godin – The Big Red Fez | Review

Seth Godin – The Big Red Fez | Review

Title: The Big Red Fez

Author: Seth Godin

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 111

Rating: 6/10


Seth Godin - The Big Red Fez

Seth Godin – The Big Red Fez


The Big Red Fez is Seth Godin’s guide to web design, and it promises to teach you “how to make any website better”. Sure, it’s a little out-of-date, but the underlying concepts of good web design are remarkably consistent and remarkably simple to grasp, which is why Seth Godin, a marketer, is able to write about the subject.

Broadly speaking, though, the lessons in this book are nothing new, and they boil down to that old advice that all good designers are already following – keep it simple, stupid.


Seth Godin

Seth Godin


Click here to buy The Big Red Fez.


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