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Home Authors F-J (By Surname) Shane Hegarty – Darkmouth: Worlds Explode | Review

Shane Hegarty – Darkmouth: Worlds Explode | Review

Title: Darkmouth: Worlds Explode

Author: Shane Hegarty

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 464

Rating: 8/10


Shane Hegarty - Darkmouth: Worlds Explode

Shane Hegarty – Darkmouth: Worlds Explode


Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

I absolutely loved the first Darkmouth book, and I gave it a ten out of ten in its review – that’s why the publishers offered to send me a copy of the second book in the series, a challenge which I gladly accepted. In fact, they sent me two copies, and so I donated one of them to the book exchange at my local arts centre. I know for a fact that at least one person (Amanda, I’m looking at you) has read it since then, which is cool!

Now, I didn’t enjoy the second book as much as the first one, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it – it’s just that the first book was so, so good that any sequel would struggle to do it justice. The good news is that the story does continue to develop throughout this, the second book in the series, and it leaves room for a lot of development in future releases.

And so with that in mind, I’d still very much recommend this book, especially for someone in their early teens. But the good thing about the Darkmouth series is that it also has some appeal for adults – I’m 26 at the time of writing, and yet I still thought it was awesome. Even though I didn’t rate this book as highly as the first one, I still can’t wait for the series to continue, and I’m not even the right target audience.


Shane Hegarty

Shane Hegarty


One of the other cool things about Shane Hegarty and his Darkmouth books is that there are a series of YouTube videos that you can watch to learn more about Darkmouth, whether we’re talking about the place or its residents. In fact, it’s easy to feel at home in Darkmouth, and you almost get the feeling that it’s a real place that you could visit, if you wanted to.

I haven’t left myself much room to talk about the story line, but it pretty much follows straight on from the first book, with young legend hunter Finn trying to rescue his father from the Infested Side, where the Legends live. The only problem is that Finn’s a little clumsy, but he tends to get things done somehow, in his own special way. Of course, he’s joined by his best friend Emmie, as well as a number of other supporting characters, some of whom are better than others. Niall Blacktongue even makes an appearance, so keep ’em peeled for that! Be sure to let me know what you think if you read it!


Shane Hegarty - Darkmouth

Shane Hegarty – Darkmouth


Click here to buy Darkmouth: Worlds Explode.


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