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Home Authors K-O (By Surname) Simon J. Morley – The Universe Wide Web: Getting Started | Review

Simon J. Morley – The Universe Wide Web: Getting Started | Review

Title: The Universe Wide Web: Getting Started

Author: Simon J. Morley

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 299

Rating: 7/10


Simon J. Morley - The Universe Wide Web: Getting Started

Simon J. Morley – The Universe Wide Web: Getting Started


Disclaimer: While I aim to be unbiased, I received a copy of this for free to review.

I have mixed feelings about this book – so let me get started on a positive note. I can definitely see how this sort of novel would appeal to kids, and if it gets them off the world wide web and in to the pages of a book then that definitely can’t be a bad thing.

However, what with working in social media marketing, I know a hell of a lot about how the world wide web works, and because of that I found it hard to suspend my disbelief for long enough to actually picture the Universe Wide Web itself – I hate to break it to all of you budding surfers out there, but I’m pretty sure that science says that it’s impossible, and also not really anything like the web we have today.

But that’s not really the point of the book – it’s effectively an adventure story, with characters that kids (and boys in particular) will find it easy to relate to. Sure, perhaps the alien species were a bit simplistic, with most of them effectively described as “looking a bit like an [insert Earth species here]”, but if it makes it easier for readers to picture then that’s perhaps not a bad thing.

And overall, it was a well-written story with a fluctuating story-line and almost endless possibilities, and the series has already continued with a couple of other books if you fancy checking them out. To tell you the truth, despite my reservations, I want to know what happens next, too. Perhaps I’ll check out the other books in the series and let you know what I think.


Simon J. Morley

Simon J. Morley


Click here to buy The Universe Wide Web: Getting Started.


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