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Home Authors K-O (By Surname) Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon | Review

Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon | Review

Title: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

Author: Stephen King

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 342

Rating: 4*/5


Stephen King - The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

Stephen King – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon


This book was interesting, because it’s very different to what you might expect if you’re a big Stephen King fan. It’s much more streamlined, almost basic, in a way that reminds me of a fairy tale. It makes for an interesting change, especially if you’ve just finished reading IT, The Stand or one of his longer works. That’s mostly down to the fact that there’s no need here to go into the charactersbackstories. He can focus on the action, and the action is gripping and exciting along the way. Better still, you could read it to a kid without giving them nightmares.

Loosely speaking, the plot follows what happens to a young girl after she gets lost during a walk through the woods with her mother and brother. Her family is arguing and paying her little attention, so when she needs to go to the toilet she decides to wander off. But once she leaves the path, she can’t seem to find it again. That leaves her lost in the woods, struggling to survive with no company except for the radio on her walkman, which she uses to listen in to Red Sox games. In particular, she likes to imagine she has company in the form of Tom Gordon, the Red Sox player, who she has a huge crush on.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is good enough, but it’s not amazing. For any other author, a book like this would be one hell of an achievement, but for Stephen King, it’s just okay. Still worth reading, but not revolutionary.

One last thing to mention is that the book actually ends on page 298, but the page count is higher because it also comes with a preview of Hearts in Atlantis. I haven’t read that yet, but I do own a copy, so I guess I’ll work my way round to that sometime soon.


Stephen King

Stephen King


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