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Home Authors K-O (By Surname) Steve McKevitt – City Slackers | Review

Steve McKevitt – City Slackers | Review

Title: City Slackers

Author: Steve McKevitt

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 192

Rating: 8/10


Steve McKevitt - City Slackers

Steve McKevitt – City Slackers


Damn it, I keep on underestimating Steve McKevitt – I did it before, when I was sent a copy of Everything Now for a review. I expected him to be (and secretly hoped he would be) full of rubbish, and then I started reading and he blew my mind.

This time I was prepared – I expected him to be good. He rose above my expectations once again. Even though this book is now eight years old, and even though it was written before the rise of social media and people with jobs like mine, it’s still amazingly relevant.

Put simply, the city slacker is the new type of employee who makes a career by shrewdly doing as little work as possible by making it appear as though they’re doing work. You know the type – those guys who never seem to actually do anything, and if they do something and they fail, they get praised for doing the best they could in irrelevant circumstances. Food for thought, for sure – read it as soon as possible.


Steve McKevitt

Steve McKevitt


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