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Home Authors F-J (By Surname) Terri Irwin – Steve & Me | Review

Terri Irwin – Steve & Me | Review

Title: Steve & Me

Author: Terri Irwin

Type: Non-Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 273

Rating: 8/10


Terri Irwin - Steve & Me

Terri Irwin – Steve & Me


I remember when Steve Irwin died – I was heartbroken, he’d always been a hero of mine and he’ll continue to be an inspiration until my dying day, but then I do love animals. Steve & Me is the story of his life as seen through the eyes of his beloved wife Terri, wh0 makes an excellent narrator because she knows almost as much about wildlife as Steve did.

Whether you’re a fan of Steve Irwin or not, it’s well worth giving this a read just for the sheer amount of information you’ll learn about the animals that roam our planet. Who knows, perhaps you’ll become a wildlife warrior yourself by the time you’ve finished – there are certainly worse things to do with your life, as you’ll discover.

Terri’s writing is surprisingly decent, too – she might not be a born novelist, but she’s got a way with words that gets the job done in a way that helps you to empathise with Terri, Steve and the children, as well as the wildlife that they’ve dedicated their lives to protecting. You start to feel like a part of the family, not biologically perhaps but in the same way that Stevo’s good mate Wes became an honorary Irwin.

And at the end of the day, Terri had a much better reason for writing an autobiography than most other celebrities – it’s a fitting tribute to her dead husband, and a wonderful way to raise awareness of the sad plight of the crocodiles, cougars and other animals.


Terri Irwin

Terri Irwin


Click here to buy Steve & Me.


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