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Home Authors P-T (By Surname) Terry Pratchett – The Last Continent | Review

Terry Pratchett – The Last Continent | Review

Title: The Last Continent

Author: Terry Pratchett

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 288

Rating: 7/10


Terry Pratchett - The Last Continent

Terry Pratchett – The Last Continent


The Last Continent is an interesting one – loosely speaking, it follows the story of Rincewind’s adventures on the last continent, XXXX – the Discworld’s equivalent of Australia. As usual, you can expect all sorts of hijinks and a hell of a lot of bad luck, as the Disc’s most useless wizard tries to find his way home. Personally, I didn’t think much of this novel, but perhaps that’s because of the fact that I’ve never been particularly keen on Rincewind as a character, and because of a noticeable lack of other favourites in the supporting cast. To be fair, it would be hard to explain their sudden appearance in Australia, but still.

That said, it’s certainly as good as many other Discworld novels, and just because I wouldn’t class this as a favourite, it doesn’t mean that it’s not on a par with many of the other books that Pratchett released. If you’re Australian, or if you have an interest in the country, then you’re probably going to like this in the same way that you’re more likely to enjoy Pyramids if you have an interest in Ancient Egypt. All of this is despite the fact that, at the beginning of the book, it says that “Terry Pratchett would like it to be known that The Last Continent is not a book about Australia. It’s just vaguely Australian.”

One thing that I do think is worth mentioning here is the cover – all of Pratchett’s cover art is awesome, but this one is particularly good in my opinion – I have the hardback, so the paperback might not be the same.


Terry Pratchett

Terry Pratchett


Click here to buy The Last Continent.


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