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Guest Post: Sheri Williams on Women in Horror Month

Note: Hi, folks! So, my author friend Sheri Williams sent me a little information about something a  bit awesome, and instead of just writing something about it, I thought I’d let you see what she sent me. Behold…


Women in Horror Month

Women in Horror Month


Welcome to February. The month that brings us all the chocolate. All the flowers. All the bleeding, still beating hearts of our enemies.

Wait…that last one though, sounds off doesn’t it?

Not if you’re a female horror writer. Because February is Women in Horror Month! For eight years now, there has been a push to help celebrate women horror authors. You might ask, Why? Why separate the women from the men? It just leads to more separation, doesn’t it?” The answer could be, “Yes,” very rightly so. Purposeful gender separation most definitely leads to arguments. And I try not to fall into it. But, and this is a big but, the gender gap is huge in horror writers. Huge.

I went looking for actual numbers, and while I couldn’t find a database that has an accurate chart (something people should get on), I did find an article from the UK branch of Tor Publishing. Now, let me be the first to admit, I submitted to Tor. Me. A woman. A fantasy/horror book. That got rejected. So, it’s not like I’m trumpeting them because I have ties. I don’t (I wish I did). But what the article showed doesn’t surprise me. Less than 20% of submitted horror stories were by women. Less than 20% – is that not insane? I really wish they had the numbers on how many were accepted, because I think that would be even more telling.

You can find the article here.


Women in Horror Month

Women in Horror Month


But as a woman who writes horror, of course I’m going to step up when I see a month dedicated to supporting me and my friends. ’cause you see, I have friends. And we all got together and decided that this month seemed like the perfect time to step forward. To shout, “Hey, over here! Look at us writing badass horror stories!”

So I’d like to ask you to stay tuned. All month we will be sharing blog posts on each other’s sites. We’ve got some horror flash all set to go live on February 1st, which might lead to a contest because us indie horror writers love to give out our books. And there might be more coming, since I don’t seem to know how to stop myself once I get going.

So. Did I snag you? Are you interested? Well then, follow along here for the flash (and hopefully, flash contest).

And stop by and say hi to each of us:

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