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John Layman and Rob Guillory – Chew: The Omnivore Edition (Volume Two)

Title: Chew: The Omnivore Edition (Volume Two)

Author: John Layman and Rob Guillory

Type: Fiction

Page Count/Review Word Count: 272

Rating: 9/10


John Layman and Rob Guillory - Chew: The Omnivore Edition (Volume Two)

John Layman and Rob Guillory – Chew: The Omnivore Edition (Volume Two)


This particular book is the second collection in the Omnivore Edition series of Chew – I should explain here, before we get any further, how this works. Chew is originally published as a series of comics, which are then gathered together into collections – each collection has five comics in it, but the Omnivore Edition series brings together two of these collections. So Volume One contained collections one and two (the first ten comics), and Edition Two introduces collections three and four, the second twenty issues of the comic.

It really is an incredible story, and a series that I’m a super fan of – it follows the story of a detective called Tony Chu who can receive psychic impressions from biting into things. For example, he could bite a corpse that he discovers at a crime scene and then figure out what happened to them – it’s a useful skill, but also a pretty disgusting one.

He gets up to too much across each of the ten issues included here for me to try to summarise the plot, but the cool thing about the writing is that each issue can easily be read as a standalone, as well as like a chapter of a larger book. The graphics are incredible too, and it amazes me how closely the two creators must have worked to achieve a vision as engrossing and three-dimensional as this. It’s futuristic, it’s nihilistic, it’s Orwellian and it’s incredible, so read it.


John Layman and Rob Guillory

John Layman and Rob Guillory


Click here to buy Chew: The Omnivore Edition (Volume Two).


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