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Advertising doesn’t accept traditional, intrusive forms of advertising. However, we do offer paid placement opportunities, as long as it fits with the ethos of the site and the interests of our readers.

So why advertise?

I receive literally hundreds of emails per month from authors, publishers, publicists and agents, all asking me to cover their new releases. I simply don’t have enough time to cover all of them, and so while there is an opportunity for free coverage on the site, it’s severely limited.

By contacting me about advertising opportunities, you can vastly increase the likelihood that I’ll be able to write about your releases. Rates start at just $5 for social media promotion, with the possibility of author interviews, guest posts and other opportunities.

Can I pay you to review a book?

No, sorry. There’s a simple reason for this. If I get paid to review a book, it’ll affect my ability to be impartial. It’s vital for me to ensure that maintains an independent voice, reflecting my own views and opinions. As such, we’re unable to accept any forms of advertising that contradict this.

The purpose of allowing advertising on the site is twofold. First, it helps to fund the competitions we run, where we give away Amazon vouchers to our readers. And secondly, it helps to subsidise my career as an author, hopefully helping to pave the way towards me making a full-time living as a writer.

Get in touch

Want to find out more about our advertising packages? Drop me an email on or visit our contact page to find out more.